About Us


Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

A Bell tent provides the perfect venue for a party at home where the mess and the guests can stay outside regardless of what the weather throws at you. All you need is a fairly flat grassed area around 7metres in diameter for the tent and ropes and then we can do the rest.

Our tents are top of the range heavy duty models which are fully waterproof meaning you don’t need to worry about a great British down pour! 

We pride ourselves on our versatility, and are evolving each and every week with fresh new ideas so our packages can be designed to whatever you lovely people have in mind. Take a peak at our current packages and then get in contact for a friendly chat (as lets face it we all love a natter!).



Who we are....

Abi Hallam - loves gin, wine, crisps with dip, cheese and lots of it! Being outdoors especially at the beach, travelling, holidays, camper vans and obviously camping! Fairy lights, glitter, anything sparkly! Music, dancing, eating, drinking, sleeping and napping (sadly these don't come around too often anymore!). My kids, husband and fluffy white dog!

Rebecca Morris -  loves walks, wine, music, dancing, sweets, pizza, and bread. I love all things outdoorsy, second hand charms, art, jazzy clothes and loves to collect Pretty Little Things, glassware, jugs, mainly jewellery, children and now magical Bell Tents. Welly wearing, bleached hair don’t caring, and owner of one ancient slighty smelly Labrador.


Why we are doing this...

Both of us have young families and want to spend time at home bringing up our children so working for someone else just wouldn’t work for us. We both wanted the freedom that working for yourself provides whilst reaping the rewards of our own hardwork and handywork. 

We both love people and parties and have a creative side and saw a gap in the market locally as there was a limited number of high quality venues for parties and events.

We knew we could totally provide a high quality venue and service for any occasion and so Pretty Little Tents was born so we can pay the bills, Rebecca can add to her jug collection and Abi can buy a truck load of cheese!